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Rossbeigh Habitats (EN)

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Rossbehy, meaning "headland of the Birch trees" is a beach located approximately 1.6 km from the village of Glenbeigh. Rossbeigh is part of the Castlemaine Harbour Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area, and proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA). This area is one of the most important sites for wintering waterfowl in the south-west. It is of international importance as it regularly supports over 20,000 waterfowl, as well as an internationally important population of Brent geese. The site is of major ecological importance for its diversity and range of coastal habitats and species. The Inch sandspit is the largest and arguably one of the best remaining intact dune systems in the country. The site has one of the largest expanses of inter-tidal sand and mud flats in the country. The site also supports the Natter Jack Toad, Ireland’s only Toad and the Kerry Slug.

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