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Sugrena Workhouse (EN)

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People, who could not survive during the famine went to live in a workhouse, or faced death. This workhouse was owned by the McCarthy’s of Sugreana. It could accommodate up to 800 people and began as a lodge, which was converted in 1842 to 1845. It opened for inmates on 17th, October 1846, but took in its first inmates over a year later, due to a delay in the setting of rates. Daniel O’ Connell and the Choctaw Indian relief fund donated to the buildings conversion. It had an hospital & fever ward, staff room, a chapel, school, wash house and soup kitchen. Most inmates are buried in Sugreana Graveyard. This workhouse fell into disuse in 1921 with the remaining inmates were transferred by horse & cart to Killarney and the building was sold in 1923.

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