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Book of Invasions / Milesians (EN)

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The Milesians and the Book of Invasions, the Leabhar Gabala, are associated with this area in Kerry. The book became one of the most popular and influential works of early Irish literature. It is usually known in English as "The Book of Invasions", or "The Book of Conquests". The Book is a collection of poems & prose narratives that claims to be a history of Ireland and the Irish from the creation of the world to the Middle Ages. There are a number of versions, the earliest of which was written in the 11th century. The book tells of Ireland being settled six times by six groups of people: the first four groups are killed, or forced to abandon the island, the fifth group represent Ireland's pagan gods, while the final group represent the Irish people (the Gaels).  Scholars believe the goal of its writers was to provide an epic history for Ireland that could compare to that of the Israelites, or the Romans and which incorporated native myth with the christian view of history.

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