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Com An Tsleachain Wedge Tomb (EN)

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Wedge Tombs are the most common type of megalithic tomb, known in Ireland with more than 600 examples mainly from the north, west and south-west of the country. They date from 2500 BC to 600 BC. These tombs generally face the west and are characterised as having a straight facade, a trapezoidal shaped chamber, highest at the front, with an external walling that forms a u-shaped or straight rear all covered by round to oval cairns. Both cremation and un-burnt human remains were deposited in the Wedge Tombs although cremation was more common. The remains were often, though not always, accompanied by Beaker pottery and flint and chert tools.   This is one of four wedge tombs in this town-land, the three northern tombs, which form a group were excavated in 1967. A small quantity of cremated bone was found in the gallery during its’ excavation. 

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