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Derryquin Estate & Castle Parknasilla (EN)

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The Parknasilla Estate was acquired by the Very Reverend James Bland, an Englishman who had moved to Ireland in 1692 as chaplain to Henry Sydney, 1st Earl of Romney, the newly appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Bland, became Archdeacon of Limerick on 1 June 1693, resigned in 1705, and became Archdeacon of Aghadoe on July 12 of the same year.  Bland sold his Yorkshire properties in 1717. He was married to the eldest daughter of Sir Francis Brewster, Mayor of Dublin. The property remained in the Bland family ownership until 1891. James Franklin Bland sold the castle to the Warden family, who lived there until 1922. It was burnt down by the Irish Republican Army. It was owned at the time by Colonel Charles Wallace Warden. The building was demolished in 1969. The site of the building now lies within the grounds of the Parknasilla Resort Hotel, which opened on May 1st 1895. The name 'Parknasilla', which meant 'Field of the willows', began to appear on maps. It was also referred to as 'The Bishop's House Hotel, Parknasilla.'

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