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Gowlane Ringfort & Lime Kiln (EN)

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Gawlane Ringfort is a typical single banked enclosure of about 21m in diameter. It was like many ringforts used as an animal pen, or a living enclosure. It has not been excavated and could date from the Bronze Age 2500 BC up to 1000AD. It has been partially re used as a lime Kiln. Lime Kilns were used to burn limestone and break it down to be used to spread on the land to improve its quality. This was done by layering rough limestone rock with flammable material – wood, peat etc, until the kiln or oven was full. The burning took many days. Lime kilns were generally owned and tended by a number of families. It was a dangerous process, many fell into the kiln and were killed. Lime kilns were a common sight on the landscape as every few families had their own. In later years many were sealed up and re-used as handball alleys, or dismantled.

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