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Killarney National Park (EN)

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Killarney National Park, Irelands first National Park, is over 10,000 hectares in extent. It contains the Bourne Vincent Memorial Park presented to the state in 1932. Kenmare estate lands have been added linking Muckross to Killarney and with Ross Island, Killarney House and Knockreer estate. The park is diverse containing parklands, designed gardens, lakes, mountains and woodlands. In 1981 the park received the designation UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This recognises its ecosystems, conservation efforts and education mandate on a global scale. The park is famous for its wildlife native and invasive. There are Red Deer here for about 4000 years with the more recently introduced Sika Deer – 1865- can be seen ranging throughout the park. The introduced Rhododendron Ponticum threaten the native Oak, Alder and Yew throughout the park. In the Garden area there are many species of Rhododendron and Azalea. The White Tailed Eagle is a recent introduction. Brown Trout, Salmon as well as Arctic Char inhabit the lakes. The park is on both sandstone and limestone. Significant biodiversity is supported from the Atlantic Arbutus tree to Arctic- Alpine species and rare species such as the Killarney fern. The traditional Farm within the park contains a pedigree herd of Kerry Cows as well as Irish Wolf Hounds.

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