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Fishing on the lakes (EN)

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Inland fishing is an important tourist attraction. Trout Salmon and the unique Artic Char are found in lakes in Kerry many of which you will pass along the Kerry way walking route – Muckross Lake, Caragh Lake and Inchiquin and Lough Accose. Arctic Char are an important native fish to County Kerry. They are similar to trout in size and appearance, distinguishable by their pale spots. Char can tolerate extreme cold thus were the first freshwater species to colonise post glacial Ireland. As Ireland is in their most southerly range it is thought that they may contain some of the world’s oldest genetic code for arctic char. The fish can appear to be physically different in different lake systems due to adaptation to specific habitats and genetic isolation. Char can only survive in pristine waters. Non-native Rudd compete with them and can wipe out indigenous populations.

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